Episode 8: “Dadbirds and Lovebirds” ft. Sarah Bane (The Bachelor S21E8)




*Corinne’s Dad getting into a chair noise* Settle into your grain bins and get ready to hear Ross, Liz, and special guest/Bachelor superfan Sarah Bane breaking down four spectacular hometown dates! From Hoxie to Dallas to Miami to Montreal, they dig into all the Dadbirds, white brothers-in-law, and nanny type dressing room attendants on this week’s  colorful episode of The Bachelor. They also discuss an R/Relationships post about whether “once a cheater, always a cheater” holds true, and read a very special iTunes review (with a follow-up to last week’s Valentine’s episode!). Plus: Cops are good actors! Racism is hard to talk about! Brush your goddamn hair, Corinne! And much, much more!

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